Laptop Back Online

So it´s been months, hell… even years now since I made a blog post on here. Sadly my one and only laptop decided to die on me, both hardware wise and software wise. But nothing impossible to deal with. After a complete year of rejection I finally handed my laptop over to a buddy of mine who is quite the ”fix it felix” type and he managed to loosen all the screws and dissassemble the whole machine. He even managed to solder the disconnected powerjack back to its original state (well… it did the job at least).


So after many hours of waiting for the OS to get back into its ”normal” state (after a coupple of freezeups and BSODS) I could finally make my way back thrue the webway… um I mean the internet.. tracing back the steps I took months weeks and days ago. Happy to see some familiar sites in my favorite lists and on my fast menue I decided to dust this blog off and write down this exact story for you all!

It has been a long vaccation. But I am finally back! (At least untill I spill all of my cover over it and its all ruined yet again but in a more flavourable fashion…).

So what has happened since last? Well, sad to say but I have actually stopped playing 40k. I still have my models and I still make the occasional video and terrain piece but there hasn´t been opportunities to play for me since my friend (my only friend who played this with me) decided to put it all aside.


So now I only make the occasional update on YT.


The three warwalkers destroyed me but after more than a full year past the competition I managed to complete the squadron. (A very happy bladesteel).



So maybe just maybe… this time I will get my shit together and complete my other old bigger projects. Just maybe…


Untill next time…

Take care




IDICBeer´s january painting challenge participation!

So I´m in the middle of a painting challenge that was started by Nick Beer, aka IDICBeer on youtube. So now I´m asking all readers (if there are any lmao) to join in before it´s too late! We´re already two weeks into this challange now but we´ve still got plenty of time to finish our projects.

Below this you can find Nick´s blog & youtube channel:

You should definately check his blog and yt channel out, he´s got some amazing stuff in there! I also hope you´ll throw yourself into this challenge before it is too late!

Allright! So my response to this challenge was to participate with painting up some warwalkers (x3). Ofcourse I will be painting them up in vaul’ahrys craftworld colours. The project is about 50% finished by now. I´ve got some small highlights left, I´ve got to paint up the drivers/operators and I´ve got some fine details to work on (gemstones, stripes, etc.)

You´ll find all my work on my youtube channel down below:

(Starting from video #2 – do not bother with video #1 – it is too long, and the audio is horrible!!!)








A quick look at some of my projects in the final months of 2013


My seccond wraithlords final pose (well, it´s actually my fourth wraithlord, but my seccond plastic version), assembled to about 80%. This was my last project before we went into the new year of 2014!


Here you can see my finished conversion of a stylised laser lance that I buildt using parts from a few different plastic kits, including the wraithguard/blade plastic sprue, waveserpent plastic sprue, and a spear from a highelf spearmen plastic sprue. The actual spear (or should I say lance) was made by cutting the waveserpents antennae array in half (the one that sits under the falcon chassi cockpit next to the shuriken catapults/cannon) and then gluing them together with parts from the highelf spear. I then took two exact copies of ghostswords from the wraithguard/blade plastic sprue and cut them right where the blades begin to spring out from the handle. I also cut away the ”power weapon generators” that were attached on the blades so that they could be glued into the side of the waveserpents antennae array. I then matched up the short sides of the two ghostswords and glued them together right at the top of the cutting edge. I then added two wraithblade fins that come with their sprue and glued them into the antennae array as well, right underneath the two ghostswords. For the lower half of this stylised laserlance I cut up a wraithcannon, the part that comes right before the gun mussle and added it as a finishing touch to the whole lance by gluing it into the first half of the antennae array.


The actual conversion of the Jetarch (short for autarch on jetbike) I used the legs from a windrider guardian combined with the torso from a guardian defender. The left arm is from the windrider guardian and the right arm holding the spear/lance is from an old plastic DE warrior sprue that was given to me by a friend some years back in time. The head is from the plastic warwalker sprue and the tuft of hair comes from the chaos space marine plastic sprue. The half cloak/mantle comes from the loincloth from the wraithguard/blade plastic sprue. There´s two bits glued adjacent to the head area of this converted model and those parts come from the two ghostswords that I chopped up (remember those power weapon generator things? Yep, its those things!) I thought they could stand in as stylised bansheemask sonic amplifiers on this guy. I think it turned out pretty cool!


So for the actual jetbike conversion, starting from the sides are the fins from the wraithknight plastic sprue (these parts would normally go into the sockets on the arms of the wraithknight model where you could choose to either glue in these ”fins/blades” or large gemstones or even heavy weapons if you prefer. I just simply positioned them in a symetric way on both sides and glued them into the side of the jetbikes wing. Underneath the jetbik you can see that there are some type of pipes angled outwards, these parts are the actual mouth pieces where the antennae arrays were part of. Both antennae arrays/sensors were cut away and then I simply just glued two of these in an angle underneath the jetbike. For the top of the jetbikes seat is just a plastic bit (flash that came along with the jetbike plastic sprue) simply glued on and combined with a base decoration (or ruin debris bit) that comes from the wraithlord kit that I had to clean up and cut off in order to get just the heiroglyphic cube.


A better angle view to spot the conversion work on the underbelly of the jetbike. Here I also attached a forceshield from the wraithblade kit by gluing it into the underside of the hull of the jetbike. You cannot really see it here, sadly I have no other pictures to show it, but I will provide a video link to my youtube channel where you can check out the model yourself.


Here I was working on the base for my wraithknight. These stone formations are made from cork and then quickly base coated with the chaos black spray paint.

Link to my Jetarch conversion vlog:

Link to my Wraithknight’s base vlog:

Link to my Wraithlord #2 vlog:

A look back at 2013!

So first off I want to say that I do hope everyone had a great time in their christmas and new years celebrations and I hope that everyone is as excited about the new year as I am. So it´s already 2014! When I look back at 2013, I really ask my self how that year could have passed so quickly? I had a great time meeting new people and playing games of WH40k as well as getting more and more involved in the hobby as a whole. I want to say my thanks to a coupple of people around the world which has really led me towards the light in this hobby. I want to start with MWG – You guys are awesome! I think I would have never made my way back into the hobby without all of your videos on your youtube channel! Allways great and humouristic to watch and rich with that friendly atmosphere surrounding your time in the hobby. A big thank you is in place for helping me get back on the road of sickly sweet awesomeness! I also want to thank EldarCorsair and his youtube channel for getting me 100% motivated to get back to my Eldar, thanks EC! Another person that has given me motivation to keep rocking the Eldar and just the WH40k game is ofcourse, Fritz, thank you big time for providing an awesome channel with lots of insightfull perspectives on how to play out each step in this mindgame we call WH40k. As if that wasn´t enough, Fritz also started up a whole new community site called ”” which is an awesome forum and community that all of you guys have to check out! I also want to thank everyone on forum, especially the people in the Eldar section for a great year of discussion in 2013! And finally, I would like to give a special thank you to IDICBeer and his youtube channel for really encouraging me to complete my projects and just generally being an awesome guy. You my friend have really brought the community of wargamers on youtube together and made me and probably hundreds of more visualize how much fun it is to share content with other people who are involved in this hobby, thank you for a great year man! I look back at 2013 with a big smile in my soul and I´m eager for what 2014 will bring!

Call the reinforcement!

Today I will be travelling into stockholm central to go to gamesworkshop stockholm in order to pick up some new models! The units I have in mind are three warwalkers and a squad of wraithguard/blades. If there shouldn´t be enough warwalkers to pick up, I´ll instead buy some support weapon batteries, and in case I cannot get my hands on three of them, I´ll end up buying another waveserpent and some more jetbikes instead. I´ve soon met my threshold for my Eldar army. Soon I will have painted the entire army and have enough units to change up my lists. Perhaps, time has soon come for me to start a new collection. Or perhaps, I should just get more involved into the meta game and visit some local gaming clubs a bit more frequently. I will see what the future holds for me. Anyways, today will be a great day! I´ve been basically financially ruined these last summer months and early autumn months… feels great to finally break out from the ”depression” so to speak 😛

Painting progress

– This is an edit, I thought I´d give you the story of my craftworld as a ”listen to” video whilst you look at the pics. Here is the vid of me reading with a ”ghost helm” on lmao.

(Click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the video, and then click on the tab ”more” – opens video in another window!)

2013-09-14 01.41.37 2013-09-14 01.41.11 2013-09-14 01.41.01 2013-09-14 01.40.34 2013-09-14 00.56.26 2013-09-14 00.58.32 2013-09-14 01.17.28 2013-09-14 01.18.35 2013-09-14 01.20.08 2013-09-14 01.22.04 2013-09-14 01.22.12 2013-09-14 00.55.16 2013-09-14 00.54.03 2013-09-14 00.52.21 2013-09-14 00.40.10 2013-09-14 00.37.06 2013-09-14 00.36.52 2013-09-14 00.36.35 2013-09-14 00.32.03 2013-09-14 00.30.22 2013-09-14 00.29.59 2013-09-14 00.29.13 2013-09-14 01.41.37 2013-09-14 01.41.11 2013-09-14 00.42.18 2013-09-14 00.43.33 2013-09-14 00.43.48 2013-09-14 00.51.36 2013-09-14 00.52.21 2013-09-14 00.54.03 2013-09-14 00.55.16 2013-09-14 00.56.26 2013-09-14 00.58.32 2013-09-14 00.59.11 2013-09-14 00.59.18 2013-09-14 01.03.58 2013-09-14 01.05.39 2013-09-14 01.06.41 2013-09-14 01.16.46 2013-09-14 01.17.06 2013-09-14 01.17.28 2013-09-14 01.18.35 2013-09-14 01.20.08 2013-09-14 01.22.04 2013-09-14 01.22.12 2013-09-14 01.22.56 2013-09-14 01.23.30 2013-09-14 01.23.50 2013-09-14 01.23.59 2013-09-14 01.24.06 2013-09-14 01.24.15 2013-09-14 01.24.40 2013-09-14 01.40.34 2013-09-14 01.41.01Painting progress

So far, the base colours on the wraithblades have been painted, only one of them have been highlighted in two areas; the head and the wraithvanes. I have to go back and clean up some models where I painted outside of intended area. The wraithlord has been highlighted in the purple areas with a coupple of thin layers, as well as his wraithvanes (highlighted only once with a thin layer). The head of the wraithlord is done, although it appears I have scratched the surface so there is a black dot on him, which I will have to do something about. Also the blue areas have been highlighted in a few thin layers, and some edge highlights as well. The sword has been painted in warplock bronze and I wanted to create the errosion effect to give it that ancient feel. Lots of work to be done to the WL still!

The Autarch is comming together really nicely. I wanted to give him a unique feel within the army as he will be the only one carrying the mantle of the laughing god. The idea being that he carries the entire palette of the craftworlds colours and takes on the role of almost a harlequin solitare. So I wanted to give him some extra bit of time and dedicate some more details to him. There are some gems which needs to be painted, the arms, the ”phoenix gem” which I first painted red but I changed my mind and I´ve decided to go for a full pink heart instead. The forceshield on him is painted in gold, which I have mixed feelings about. I might change it around once the rest of the model is ”complete”.

The wraithblades will have their forceshields and axes slightly corroded/erroded as well, just to give that ancient feel.

The whole idea with this craftworld from the beginning was to have a mixed army of wraith units and fast units, as they both have different aestetics and I think it really makes the army interesting to look at when fielded. When it comes to playing a mixed army competitively it can be a bit tricky but I have found some good strategies, mostly relying on using units in a very specific and comitted way. I really enjoy playing the army composition as it is both challanging and rewarding (when done properly!)

Anyways, more to come, in the weekend I´m gonna start layering down the colour scheme on my WRAITHKNIGHT!

Helllsssss yess…..