Behold, my first special character is finished! …..Or is he o_o… Still need to try him out in a game and tune down many of his special rules!

Hello world. So I have finaly put together a background story for my first special character, whom I´ve decided to name ”Eshulandhu, the high autarch of Vaul’Ahrys”.

Eshulandhu 2 name

Eshulandhu, heroe warrior, high autarch of vaul’ahrys
”There is nothing more satisfying than to cripple my enemy… -to disassemble each step in his plan… -to scatter his mind…-and finaly, to destroy his life”.  – High Autarch Eshulandhu of Vaul’Ahrys Craftworld.
On the world of Belandohr, a relatively young world once created by the pre-fall eldar and initiators of the craftworld Vaul’Ahyrs, rumours began.  Whispers of a man escaped the common eldar mouth and began to fill the aspect shrines and military offices, thruout. They were speaking of a warrior whos name was Eshulandhu, -a perfectionist they said. A heroe of bravery and of cunning commandery… Who emerged victorious in the  darkest most overwhelming and unfanthomable odds, who now, stepped forward. His goal, to re-invokate the old image of Eldar perfectionism and superiority in the whole sector. The people of the craftworld quickly recognised him for his leadership and embraced him completely. It came to the point where as the whole of the world and craftworld uttered his name in unity, cheering to his retorics, his warrior might,  his strategics and his promising vision for his people. As the rise of Eshulandhu´s name kept soaring thrue the skies of his kinsmen, the population unknowingly broke in  accordiance with the seers, not lending their own ears and minds to them for guidance on their paths. The collection of seers on Belandohr and craftworld Vaul’Ahrys had  now begun to worrie. They meant that such a great promise and potential in a single individual, often carried with them a dark and hidden, most depraving reality stringed to their unseen future.
Shrouded from the attention of the seers, the greater deamons of Tzeentch, set in motion their master plan to sieze what in their deamonic minds, had been theirs all along…
Over twelve decades ago, the craftworld of Vaul’Ahrys entered into a set state of circumstances which forever threw the fate of its people in a locked corridor of constant peril of destruction, total and direct war upon the craftworld. As Eshulandhu and his forces of war had recently departed from Belandohr in order to silence the howling of the obnoxious Spacewolf, who increasingly had been taking the ”sheep” of interest from the craftworld, so to speak, the curtains in the theatre of visions suddently unfolded in the seers minds. In the same star system, a planet called Luxor V had begun transmitting a signal, all too familiar to the seers. – It was the alarm that had been sprung by the activity of an earlier known presence in one of  webways many hidden vaults. It was Ynnead, the Necrons who had begun to awaken inside the webway. Dangerously close, in proximity to one of their webway gates, the seers had to act with great haste. The council had decided, it was Althulandshu, brother of Eshulandhu who took to the warrior path and set out to engage the return of the forever cursed metal warriors. The battle was a horrible defeat…  the blood and corpses of eldar lives pooled into what could best be described as a swamp of death. Horror struck into the hearts of all and many collapsed by the sight and weight of what had transcended. The webgate secured, but at a terrible price. Having stopped the necrons, Althulandshu returned to Vaul’Ahrys, trying to meditate and cleanse his psyche from the hell on Luxor V. It was in this moment that the foul forces of Chaos, knelled across the star system. Whole of Belandohr shook, tearing down temples, bridges, city walkways and ripping holes in city streets and homes. The sun turned red, and the symbols of chaos tattoed the moons. The very gates of hell had opened on the homeworlds front porch. The blood sacrifice on Luxor V, the screams and psychic emanations of dispair and horror had played out well, just as the greater deamon had precognised. Now, the very soul of the world, ached in the prescence of Tzeentch. The craftworld set immidiate course for Belandohr, engaging in full scale war.The seer council was sick to their stomachs. How could they so easily have been illuded by the great enemy? They had all now learned that it was their own concerns for the population that they might not hold their constraints on the paths, that had blinded them from the prescence of the deamon. Their focus was moved. Instead the runes told them that Eshulandhu was the single barrier between granting guidance to the eldar people from the seers. Now, they had to witness their own arrogance, which may well have doomed everyone. Althulandshu, warlock of the seers took to the warrior path, defending the eldar world with his life. Running out of leadership, the eldar finaly began to see the inevitable… the horrison of doom itself.

It was in this moment, in the final hours, that Eshulandhu returned. Having recieved the dire message from his homeworld, he had struck a quick and expensive deal with the Spacewolves, offering them a region of space, as well as a much more valuable currency to buy them off, a huge amount of Spirit Stones. The two forces barely managed to push back the tides of hell to save the lives of only  few hundered eldar lives that remained. Having saved the world, although now in ruins, the pain engulfed the eldar like a cold tidal wave. Countless of shrines were completely destroyed, the city of Aemarilh, completely annihilated. The pain was unimaginable, the damage unrepairable, the lives… forever damned to be tortured by she who thirsts. And it was only to add further sorrow, that Eshulandhu was told of the necron slaughter on Luxor V. The Tzeentch deamons had staged it all. The Spacewolves, who in the name of the emperor shalt never care for xeno affairs, even swallowed heavily as to what had transpired here. Being primal like the wolf, they even displayed a visable sense of hopelessness and depravity in compassion for their allies. In what little compassion the Spacewolf commander dared to display, he returned the spirit stones which he was given in agreement to the temporary alliance, then he and half of what remained of his forces left the planets surface and returned back into deep space.
Eshulandhu saved the world from falling into chaos hands completely. However, scarred forever. Trying to find a place for his mind to settle, Eshulandhu took to the skies, travelling to the location of his family temple. There in the grass in front of his temple, he witnessed the cut off head of a warlock, resting infront of perhaps the last standing temple on the whole planet. It was the head of his brother, Althulandshu, it is still to this day, the final memory from Belandohr, Eshulandhu carrries.

Eshulandhu, High Autarch of Vaul’Ahrys


WS 6, BS 6, S 3, T 3, W 3, I 7, A 4, Ld 10, Sv 3+


Fleet of foot.
Master of war: Being the supreme Autarch of his craftworld, Eshulandhu has not only mastered the strategics of war, he has also developed an extreme lust to play out his keen battle tactics, attempting perfecting, upon perfection. Never dismayed to distinguish himself further amongst the Autarchs of other craftworlds and  to bring further annihilation to the craftworlds many foes. In addition to having the Master strategist special rule, he may also roll once on the chart below:
1-2 Cripple the enemy – Eshulandhu has the Crack Shot exarch power and Soul Blaze special rules.
3-4 Disassemble thier plans – Eshulandhu has the Counter-Attack and Hit & Run special rules.
5-6 Scatter his mind – Eshulandhu has the Skyleap exarch power and  Scout special rules.
NOTE: If you include Eshulandhu in your army, he MUST be your warlord and must roll on the warlord traits table.
”Wrath of Vaul” -(Wrist-mounted Monofilament Accelerator, plasma flamer, plasma disc launcher), Haywire grenades, ”Freedom of Vaul’Ahrys” Warp jump generator integrated Swoopinghawk wing pack, Mandiblasters, ”Forceshield of Vaul’Ahrys”, ”Althulandshu, the blade of revenge”.

The later Eshulandhu, de-reailed from his normal form had become angered to the point of madness. While succumbing to a deep depression, he later plundered the most ancient and sacret war artefacts from the stasis chambers of Vaul’Ahrys, now, reciting eternal warfare upon anyone who dares to even look upon his craftworld, swearing revenge on decimating the legion of Tzeentch which were responsible for the devestation on Belandohr.

Freedom of Vaul’Ahrys: An ancient war attachment device, that combines the suprise and withdrawal capabilities of a Warpspider and the keen soaring of a Swooping Hawk, it is the merge of eldar battle gear excellence. For eons , locked away in one of the craftworlds stasis chambers, belived to be the last of its kind, a relic which has been longing for a spirit, worthy to wield it´s potential. Follows the rules for Swoopinghawk wingpack and Warp jump generator.


Forceshield of Vaul’Ahrys: Eshulandhu is entitled to the very best wargear available to the craftworld. There is no shortage of egoism when it comes to claiming it for himself. This forceshield gives the usual 4+ invulnerable save and in addition, counts as having a toughness value of 6 when being shot at.  
 Althulandshu, the blade of revenge: ”In the destruction of a temple on one of Vaul’Ahrys most sacred exodite worlds,  the brother of Eshulandhu, the great warlock Althulandshu, fell in battle after facing a greater deamon of Tzeentch. According to Eldar witnessing the duel, before the killing blow was made, Althulandshu uttered his last words to the spirits of the shrine of Vaul, and in the last moment, a bright flash of light imploded upon him, as his soul was transported into the spirit stone of his witchblade. The deamon screamed in anger as he tore the warlocks body in half, he then raised the blade and aimed it towards his beak, attemting to swallow it. But a fraction of a heartbeat before the blade touched the deamons beak, he suddently and rapidly, transformed into solid rock”.
”The blade was later removed from the deamon and was entrusted to the warlocks brother. The deamon-statue still stands amongst the ruins of the shrine,  grasping for the blade which forever sealed its fate”.
The blade of Althulandshu is an extremely potent artefact weapon that both houses the spirit of a powerfull warlock, but also wears a horrible curse. For each time an attack lands upon the enemy, the strength of the sword seems to become stronger, however this works backwords, making the subject of the attack weaker, both in resilience and in state of mind…
”Each successfull hit made by this weapon, reduces the target(s) toughness and leadership by 1 – to a minimum toughness value of 1 and a minimum Ld value of 2. In addition, the weapon counts as a Diresword  and confers the Perferred Enemy rule: (Tzeentch).
 ”Wrath of Vaul”, (Wrist-Mounted Monofilament Accelerator; plasma flamer, plasma disc launcher):
The wrist-mounted monofilament accelerator or, ”Wrath of Vaul” – is an ancient eldar weapon device, believed by the craftworld to be designed and crafted by the smith god Vaul himself. The weapons functions can best be compared to that of a more compact version of the eldar Spinneret rifle, in marriage with a grenade launcher. The elegance and perfection of the design, integrating the psycho conductive feed link to its three differant  munition chambers, renders the firereer to with a thought wave adjust to any combat situation. The weapon has a standard mode, delivering a hail of razor shard monofilament wire upon the enemy. If needs must and there is no other way out, you can activate the over drive to start the collapse of the accelerator and then engage the plasma chamber to vent into the mussle of the weapon to shoot an extremely lethal, super heated plasma monofilament, storm upon the foe, however, this puts the firerer at great risk, and the artefact itself will go into a state of re-charging for a period of time. Finally you can engage the last munition chamber which holds but two exceptionally small, but potent disc shaped grenades which can be fired with ease. The contents in these discs,  the very same monofilament and star-hot plasma. This  munition can only be delivered in the most dire moment, as the craftworld only recovered a fixed number of discs, they are relished and hence used scarsely.

            R            S   AP    Type
    template     6    –    Assault 1, Gets Hot!, Monofilament, (may not shoot next turn)
            18”        6    –    Assault 4, Monofilament
       *   24”        9    –    Assault 2, Blast, Blinding, Pinning, Monofilament,  (once per game)

(plasma discs)*


”Eshulandhu and the people of Vaul’Ahrys are constantly on a quest to reclaim and gather old eldar artefacts of what they truly believe to be creations of the eldar smith god Vaul. Now claimed by the horrible deamons of the warp, scattered on chrone worlds and in-between dimensions – these artefacts are reverred as treassure to  all eldar. But only do the Eldar of Vaul’Ahyrs feel that the duty is theirs,  to reclaim and redeem them for eldar hands. Vaul’Ahrys truly sees the need for such artefacts, should  their craftworld wish to live yet another day.”
Total: 479 Points



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