Warlocks warlocks warlocks… Project of destrucion

Warlocks warlocks warlocks... Project of destrucion

I have only two warlocks painted out of the ten ones that I have in my possession. The other eight have been neatly bathed in a nice and acidic bowl of acetone, turned back into their white-metal state, acting old-school in their blister pack fashion. I have decided to give them a variety of styles in color scheme . I want to try to emphasize on bringing a strong contrast on their robes with deep purple and very brightly highlighted pink. I will go for a more violet scheme on the following warlocks and perhaps go about giving some of them a completely white or grey painted robe. I want my army to keep some form of coherence in color to one another, but on the warlocks I really just want to go all out freedom style, as they are the one body-guard unit I can take being Eldar.


2013-04-19 03.04.06



Warlocks locked in a friendly duel, who shall come out on top?



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