The New Eldar

Holy shit.. I just can´t hold back the excitement with this codex, I freaking love the new rules for Eldar! Everything from the psychic powers to the special wargear to the command trait table and the new shuriken weapon rules! NOT TO MENTION BATTLE FOCUS! LOVE IT! I can´t wait to build new lists and play games against my friend and try all the new stuff out. I have an immidiate idea of what I want to do in my first game.

Warlocks, and tons of them! Put them in a wave serpent, transport them and then jump out and unleash Horrify (-3 LD on target unit) Then use rangers, snipe them, use shadoweavers, use your new Hemlock Wraithfighter and scare the shit out of them with its Terrify bubble. This will be really fun to try out. Can´t wait!



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