Battle Report!

I decided to post one of my recent games (2000 points) with a friend, who plays chaos space marines. Okey, lets get straight to it!

So we rolled for deployement map and we got Hammer and Anvil, followed by rolling on the mission chart and we got a 1, which is Crusade.
We rolled a 6 for the D3+2 objectives, ending up with 5 which we placed out on the board. He ended up winning the roll for picking sides and also ended up winning the deployement roll.
He decided to set up his army first. We then rolled for psychic powers and warlord traits, he rolled ”personal traits” on his DP and got number 5 (feel no pain within 3”). He then rolled x3 ”1´s” on his psychic table, ending up taking the ”Tzeentch´s fire breath power (or w/e it´s called)

This is what he brought to the table, (We play doubble force org in our games because it opens up a lot more variation in the lists)

Chaos Space Marines

x1 Daemon Prince of Tzeentch with wings
x3 Chaos Sorcerers in terminator armor (rolling on tzeentch psychic table)

x2 [Chaos Spacemarines x10, one melta gun, one flamer and a champion with plasma pistol&pw with veterans of the cold war
— Rhino with Havoc Launcher, Warpflame Gargoyles and Smoke Launcher]
x1 Chaos Spacemarines x10 champion with melta bombs, veterans of the cold war

x2 Hellbrutes, one with plasma cannon&dccw and one with multimelta&dccw
x3 Chaos Terminators all with combi-meltaguns

Fast attack


Heavy Support
Havocs with missle launchers (x5) /flakk missles, a champion and 2 regular dudes
Defiler with reaper autocannon

This was his 2000 points list, he probably had some upgrades and stuff, I really don´t know exactly.

And my Eldar list:

Eldar Craftworld Vaul’Ahrys
Baharroth, Cry of the Wind 195p
195pts Warlord Trait: (Falcon´s Swiftness)

Autarch 70p with Avenger shuriken catapult 5p and Shard of Anaris 40p
115 pts

Spiritseer 70p
70 pts

Dire Avengers x10 130p
Exarch 10p with power weapon and shimmer shield 20p
160 pts

Wraith Guard x5 160p equipped with wraith cannons

Wraith Blades x5 160p equipped with ghost axe and force shield

Warp Spiders x10 190p
Exarch 10p with TL death spinner 5p and fast shot 10p
215 pts

Vyper Squadron x3 150p with Brightlance x3 30p
180 pts

Crimson Hunter 160p
Exarch 20p with Night Vision 5p and Marksman´s Eye 10p
195 pts

Falcon 125p with scatter laser 10p, shuriken cannon 10p, holo-fields 15p, spirit stones 10, ghostwalk matrix 10p
180 pts

Falcon 125p with scatter laser 10p, shuriken cannon 10p, holo-fields 15p, spirit stones 10p, ghostwalk matrix 10p
180 pts

Fire Prism 125 with holo-fields 15p, spirit stones 10p, ghostwalk matrix 10p and crystal targeting matrix 25p
185 pts

I couldn´t roll for warlord traits since my warlord had to be Baharroth, but I did get to roll for psychic powers with my Spiritseer and I rolled once on runes of battle getting a 4 ”Protect/Jinx” and rolling once on Telepathy, getting a 3 ”Puppet Master”, both of the powers I was hoping for, woohoo!

These units are being kept as reserves:

Chaos Space Marines
CSM Terminators with combi-meltaguns (3)
Sorcerers in csm terminator armor (3)
Helldrake X1

Warpspiders (10)
Crimson Hunter x1

We did roll for nightfighting, and no nightfighting on turn 1. So.. Onto the battle… trying to cease the initiative… but no luck with a roll of 2!

Turn 1. CSM
My opponent moved up his forces, trying to encroach on 2 of the objective markers. He moved up his Hellbrutes, one in the midfield (multi melta) and one on the flank (plasma cannon), trying to threaten yet another objective. With his Deamon prince, he decided to glide diagonally towards the center, standing just out of fire range of my 5 man squad of wraithguard. The one rhino who was backed up by the DP decided to throw in the reverse and fled back into cover behind a building. Whilst most of his forces moved, he decided to play stationary with his squad of havocs, which were held at a perfect firing position on the second floor of a large building, having vision to basically anything that would dare to march into the center of the gaming board.

Opening the first volley of fire from his behemoth defiler, he decides to place the shot over my Fireprism, scattering ever slightly to the side, clipping the rear of a nearby Vyper. He penetrated the Vyper, destroying its brightlance and knocking a hullpoint off of it. The Fireprism got glanced, but managed to ignore the result thanks to being obscured by cover from a building. The Havocs fired away their missle launchers at one of the Falcons, but they missed with all but one shot, which in turn rolled a 1 when trying to penetrate the armor. The Rhino took a pock shot at the Dire Avengers killing a few and setting them on fire with Soulblaze. Then the Hellbrute in the center engaged its multimelta and fired a shot at the Wraithblades who were hugging the short end side of a building, killing one. Whilst his remaining Hellbrute decided to run since he had no line of sight to my units.

Turn 1. Eldar
Starting by getting x3 hits from the fire, one Dire avenger crumbles to Soulblaze. I then manage to cast protect on my Squad of Wraithblades with my joined Spiritseer. I then started to advance my wraithguard towards their respective objectives, the WB´s to the center and the WG´s on the right flank. The Dire Avengers follow up together with the joined Autarch, moving thrue some ruins, barely touching one of the objectives. The Vypers pop out the side infront of the three towered building, together with the Fire Prism shuffling to the back edge of my deployement zone. The two Falcons Advance slightly to the center in order to unleash their Scatter Lasers and Pulse Lasers upon the enemy.

With the movement done, the Spiritseer successfully cast dominate on the Defiler, taking over its battle cannon, firing it at the plasma hellbrute, clipping the rear of it and the side of the rhino on the left side flank, managing to destroy its dccw and glancing the rhino. The vypers then decided it was payback time and with two brightlances managed to blow up the defiler in the first game turn! The fire prism then took aim at the center hellbrute and with its str 9 ap 1 lance shot, painted a perfect picture of the eldars awesome firepower by lighting that bad boy up in a 6” explotion. The falcons teamed up and bullied the incoming DP, managing 7 scatter laser hits, 4 pulselaser hits and 5 shuriken cannon hits, knocking him out of the sky with just 2 wounds left and taking a wound from falling out of the sky. The Dire Avengers then decided to battle focus towards the grounded DP but despite their +1 run distance from the warlord trait, they fell just short of firing their guns with a worthless roll of 1+1 inches. The wraithguard on the right flank were out of range to fire thier wraithcannons and so decided to make a run move, lumbering another 3 inches towards the objective.

Turn 2. CSM
My friend, quite upset with the results from my turn 1 shooting phase decided it was time for chaos to pay back! He successfully called in all his reserves, his helldrake zooming towards my wraithblades and his terminators deepstriking right next to my Fireprism. The first sorcerer decided to deepstrike in the middle of my army, scattering into impassible terrain and with a roll of 2, I got to place him wherever I wanted so he ended up in the right corner of its own deployement zone. The next Sorcerer tried to appear at the same spot as the first, and he ended up scattering and with a roll of a 1, he promptly teleported into the wall of a building and died (probably acting a scary wallpaper on the inside of the room) and with the final sorcerer deciding to show both of the failiures how its done, he managed to land 5 inches away, just making it in the middle gap of both my wraithblade unit, the two falcons and the 10 man unit of DA´s circling his awesome presence. With the bulk of his army ei. the CSM squad marching towards the center and grabbing the first mission objective successfully. The Rhino on the left flank decided to move further up together with the now crazed hellbrute who gained some special abilities, one of them was fleet. The seccond rhino who huddled in the back behind the building decided it was safe to pop back out, now towards the center, adding some support to the newly arrived Helldrake. The DP decided to swoop towards the 5 WG´s who were close to the right side objective.

Starting his shooting phase my opponent picked up the flamer template and decided to baleflame the WB´s, hoping to force some invul saves on them, but my opponent forgot about their boosted armor save with protect, only managing to cause 2 single wounds with it and ofcourse I failed one of them. With the rest of his army in firing position he continued to fire on the WB´s with his marching unit of CSM, doing rapid fire at half range with the 6 marines who could see them. The flamer in the squad hit all but failed to wound, the melta did one wound and the rest of the bolter shells managed to wound 4 times. With the wraith blades invulnerable I managed to save the melta shot but in the end, two wraith blades fell to the opening shots. (Man do I suck at rolling 2+ saves…) Having crippled my unit of WB´s down to just a single model and a Spiritseer, he shifted his focus and decided he was going to bust my Fire Prism who was held in the back of my deployement zone. He scored 2 hits but didn´t get a single penetration roll. The Havocs then opened fire on one of the Falcons, hitting with 4 out of 5 shots, glancing once and penetrating twice, but my Holo-fields amazingly held up and saved all of the hits. The Hellbrute with the plasma cannon took a shot at the other, clipping the very tip of the front armor in addition to 3 DA´s. The falcon took a glance, but saved, the Dire Avengers took a nice and hot plasma bath and all perished. The Sorcerer who actually managed to deepstrike unleashed his psychic flamer onto the Vyper Squadron, blowing off another Brightlance and eliminating the previously damaged vyper. We then tried to figure out if Soulblaze would affect AV´s, but we read up closely on the rules which states ”wound” so it would not affect the Vypers at the beginning of my turn. Finishing his shooting with a pock shot with the Havoc Launcher from the backline Rhino onto the WB´s, scoring a direct hit but not managing to wound with any 5´s.

In the Assault phase he declared charge on my WB´s, who only had a single overwatch shot from the Spiritseer who scored a hit, a wound, but he saved. But… With my opponents amazing luck this turn, he rolled a snake eyes on the charge distance… At this point we both just went like ”oh wow, this game of dices huh” and laughed about it. His DP decided to charge the WG´s, who fired overwatch but failed to hit. In the combat he managed to take down 2 WG´s, he opted not to smash attack because he didn´t want to risk initiative step 1 and not causing any wounds on them. The WG´s managed to hit back twice, wounding once… And with a lot of praying to the dark gods my friend managed to save the DP´s final wound.

Turn 2. Eldar
Starting with the reserves, I successfully call in my flyer, my Warpspiders and Baharroth. I decided to place the Warpspiders in close proximity to the Helldrakes rear armor, scattering a full 10 inches off from my desired position into some terrain, taking a wound to dangerous terrain but making the save. Baharroth was going to distrupt the Havocs in the building, with his awesome Herald of Victory rule he was placed 2” away from them, triggering Blind test, which they passed without much sweat. Then grenade pack scored a direct hit, causing 4 wounds but only killing one. The Crimson Hunter Exarch then screamed onto the left side of the gaming table, ready to deal with the Helldrake if the Warpspiders failed.

Starting again with Soulblaze and the flames die out both on the squad of DA´s and WB´s. I decided to pull back the advancing DA´s and instead throw them at the newly arrived terminators, hoping I could cause some serious bladestorm hits from their catapults. The Falcons decided to float off to the left flank to deal with the encroaching Hellbrute and Rhino packed with CSM, who readied themselves to claim an objective. The Fireprism decided that it would not be safe to stand next to a group of CSM Terminators and took away 12” diagonally towards the center of the table. The two remaining Vypers decided to harrass the lone Sorcerer who was placed in the right corner of the gaming table. The single WB and Spiritseer boosted their armor saves again with Protect and moved to contest the center objective with the squad of CSM there.

Using his powers of Telepathy the Spiritseer cast Puppet Master on the Helldrake, actually scoring a hit and taking over his baleflamer and unleashing it over my friends entire squad of CSM´s causing 7 of them to burn up in flames. The Warpspiders who scattered opened fire to the side armor of the Helldrake but didn´t get a single hit with all their shots, battle focusing further into the cover of a crater. Baharroth continued harrassing the Havoc squad, killing yet another CSM. The one Vyper with its Brightlance left took a pock shot on the Sorcerer and hit him but failed to wound him. The Fire Prism then opened fire with another lance shot at the far back Rhino, causing it to explode and damaging the CMS´s inside, killing a regular guy and a melta guy to die. The the first falcon then decided to disable the seccond Rhino, turning it into a wreck with an immobilized and weapon destroyed result. The other falcon then opened up on the CSM squad who were forced out of the wrecked Rhino and killed 4 of them. Realising my mistake by shooting at the Helldrake with my Warpspiders in first order, the Crimson Hunter who was the obvious unit to use against the Helldrake proved itself worthy of being called a ”Sky hunter” by hitting twice with the pulse laser and with both of its brightlances, scoring 4 penetrating hits against it and causing it to crash down on the ground. The DA´s and the Autarch then fired away their shurikens at the CSM terminators, hitting horribly and only causing two regular and one bladestorm wounds, which the three CSM terminators saved with ease.

Having failed misserably in the shooting phase, I decided to throw my squad of DA´s into the CSM terminators and try to cause enough wounds on them. Starting with the challange, the Autarch held against the champion but he in turn held as well. The DA´s managed to cause a few wounds, killing one terminator, but the retaliation of the one CSM terminator was brutal, killing three DA´s forcing a leadership test which they in turn failed! So the DA´s and the Autarch took to the retreat a full 9” towards the table edge, fun times! Then, Realising that I wouldn´t be able to get my single WB into assault since I took a shot at the Helldrake with my joined Spiritseer, they remained stationary close to an objective. I then decided not to use the warpspiders jetpack move since they had a reasonable cover where they were. The WG´s took further punishment from the DP who killed one model, and the retaliation of the WG was promptly thwarted by the DP.

Turn 3. CSM

Having taken a lot of beating in these first turns my opponent decided it was time to focus on taking some objectives. The CSM who were blown out of the left side Rhino, decided to withdraw from the objective ahead and move back towards their own deployement zone in order to deal with the deepstriked Warpspiders who would be in rapid fire range. The other squad of CSM dedicated to the other wrecked Rhino moved on the Warpspiders as well, ready to destroy them with boltershells and flaming fire. The remaining Hellbrute advanced towards the two Falcons on the left side. The Sorcerer in the center table moved up against the WB and the Spiritseer. The other Sorcerer who had made it towards the middle of the right side of the gaming table kept moving towards the building where the Havocs were being harrassed by Baharroth. Having little else movement to do, save the CSM terminators who moved upon the DA´s and the Autarch, my opponent started his shooting phase.

Beginning with a run move with the furthest Sorcerer, scoring  another 6” on his run move (he had been opting to run the previous turn in order to join up with the rest of the Chaotic forces). His two almost full Squads of CSM´s then destroyed all but three Warpspiders in an inferno of boltershells and flamers. The Havocs fired away at the Crimson Hunter, failing to hit with all but one flakk missle which in turn failed to penetrate. (My friend had a really bad day with his rolls). The Hellbrute took a shot at the closest Falcon, scoring a glancing hit which the holo-fields prevented. The CSM terminators then took some shots at the DA´s and furthered the insult with killing yet another model. Using his middle Sorcerer he flamed the lone WB and Spiritseer, failing to wound either of them.

My friend started his assault by charging the warpspiders, who were in deep trouble, being swarmed by 17 CSM´s were needless to say had their skulls crushed, beaten in with the weight of boltguns and closed fists. The Sorcerer charged the WB and the Spiritseer who had resisted his flames of Tzeentch, trying to get into a challange with the Spiritseer who cowardly refused him. The Sorcerer failed to wound the Wraith Blade who in turn cut his Ghost Axe straight thrue the Terminator Armor, causing a wound on the Sorcerer. The Daemon Prince then managed to slash thrue the remaining wraithbone constructs, emerging victorious in the assault with the Wraith Guard. The Hellbrute then attempted to assault the Falcon, but failed. The CSM terminators then tried to charge the fleeing DA´s but failed with yet another roll of ”snake eyes”.

Turn 3. Eldar

Turn 3 starts with another successfull cast of protect by the Spiritseer. The Crimson Hunter zoomed straight over the wrecked rhino and the angry Hellbrute, piercing thrue the darkened clouds.  The Falcons skimmer to the right, jumping over a building in the process and lining up next to the center placed Fire Prism which speeded just a few paces ahead of the two grav tanks. The Vypers steered their crafts around in a crescent and ended their move at the rear´s of the Falcons and Fire Prisms, at the center of the gaming table, prepared to engage the Hell brute. Baharroth remained ontop of the building next to the Havocs and the Dire Avengers captured the objective in the ruins.

The Eldar then unleash their laser barrage against the CSM squads which were held next to the crater where the warpspiders had been slaughtered. The Fire Prism opens fire with its str 5, ap 3 large blast at the full squad, forcing them to the ground killing 5. The first falcon then annihilated the squad. The seccond falcon opened fire at the other CSM squad forcing them to go to ground as well, killing 4. The Crimson Hunter then eliminated the already weakened CSM squad, killing the remaining 3 marines. Baharroth shot his Hawks Talon at point blank, killing another Havoc. The Vypers tried to fire away at the Hellbrute but failed to hit.



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