Warpspider Exarch – Spinneret Rifle

2013-07-09 02.59.372013-07-09 02.58.092013-07-09 02.59.022013-07-09 02.59.47Warpspider Exarch - Spinneret Rifle

I decided that I wanted to try out and convert myself a Spinneret Rifle which is a weapon upgrade you could give your Warpspider Exarch, as there is no model for the actual gun.

So here is —> how <— I made the conversion!

I took a left over weapon from the new wraithguard kit, the d-scythe. I then cut off the wraithguards arms, hands, the triggering mechanism and any fingers still grasping the rifle.I made a carefull cutout between the connections of the wraithguards arm – to – power cord/hose which connected with the weapon, trying to preserve this for later connections. I then cut away the mussle of the gun, the big flask underneath and the smaller gun component at the very back end of the rifle. Then I grabbed the twin linked deathspinner, which your regular warpspider exarch carries, and cut off its mussle. I then took a further look at the wraithguard sprue and decided to grab the d-scythes mussle-components (well, the vanes or hooks connecting at nearly the d-scythes mussle) and I decided to cut one in smaller bits, using them as additional vanes on the cut off death spinner later on. With all of the bits collected on the main rifle, it was now time to look for a fitting arm. I realised that the weapon had to be held upwards, since I had made the cut on the right arm that way. I took a closer look at a regular guardian arm with a shuriken catapult and realised that it would fit perfectly for carrying my mixed and mashed Spinneret rifle. I took a closer look and decided to cut away the upper half of the guardian catapult arm. I then, carefully, cut away the gun (but trying to keep the triggering hand and mechanism intact) and made some small trimming work, testing how it would connect with the back end of the spinneret rifle, and trimming it for a perfect flat contact. I also cut away the power cord/hose which connected with the guardian arm and the shuriken catapult. I then began gluing everything together, starting with gluing the mussle of the deathspinner onto the tip of the D-scythe. Now adding the vanes/hooks onto the tip of the deathspinner, trying to position them to match them accordingly on each side. I then glued the whole rifle to the hand of the guardian (pushing it into the small space where I had cut off the previous triggering mechanism, making a new, better scale looking trigger and hand). I then took the first power cord/hose which connected via the wraithguards arm. I took a look at where the guardian power cord connected and, with a little bit of scooping, I managed to fit the bigger power cord into the guardian arm and I then glued on the cord, underneath the rifle where the big flask had been chopped off. I then looked around for another appropriate arm in my bits box and chooof! There you have it, the spinneret rifle conversion, ”Bladesteel style”!



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