More fluff to my Craftworld!

I have decided to add some more fluff to my craftworld by adding yet another special character to my box of Eldar trickery. I absolutely love to create these stories, I could go on and write a book about the whole craftworld some day, I just know it! Anyhow, here is my Warlock Character!

Althulandshu the fullfilled, Warlock of Vaul’Ahrys
”I have wandered the most doomed and corrupt of worlds… I have pierced the veil beyond the twilight realms of shadow and flame… And I have finaly lay my hands on that which is most sacred…” -Final words of Althulandshu, warlock of Vaul’ahyrs.
It is no secret that the Eldar people of Vaul’Ahrys look back and view  Althulandshu to be one of its mightiest warlocks that had ever walked amongst them. He was a truebourne just like his older brother, unwavering in his ability to face any challanges that was bestowed upon him. In his youth, an already accomplished warrior thanks to his brother who skilled him in the Eldar martial arts. He was also raised by his brother. At an even younger age,  his parents had left him with his older brother. Having revealed a most important truth about themselves, which endagered the two eldar greatly, possibly endagering the entire craftworld itself. The two were once Harlequin, forever forefiet to dance the dance of death, unallowed to have emotions, to experience love, to bear children or to expose themselves with a forbidden ordinary life. This was impossible, yet, in its truest of forms, love presented itself in their walk of life, as it eventually does in all Eldar. It had conquered them. This was the case with his parents. With the truth revealed by accident, they had to act quickly. They made escape to the webway, but before they left, they faded the memories of the craftworlders, especially Eshulandhu´s and Althulandshu´s, so that they may never recognise them ever again. It was only by the stark will of Althulandshu´s mind that things began to reveal themselves as he started walking the path of the warlock. Being haunted by terrible dreams of dispair the masked faces appeared again and again. Eventually the old mind barrier was shattered by the warlocks piercing veil  and he could see clearly the secret which had been kept for so long. He was now determined to find out more about his family. Keeping the secret from his brother, who now walked the military offices of the craftworld. In the latter years, he became an experienced psyker with the stamina unlike any other in his ways to decipher mysticalities of the forever glowing runes. Travelling across vast distances of space and wandering lengths and yet lengths within the white flickering domains of the webway, Althulandshu was learning and achieving many things in the name of the craftworld. He discovered many ancient artifacts, many new corridors in which to field the craftworlds armies, new worlds were the craftworld could colonise themselves. He was an asset to his people in every way and this was known but sadly blurred out by the all powerfull persona of his older brother. The seers were struggling to reach the ears and minds of the craftworlds people, and it had finaly surpassed their attemtps. It was now the final year of Althulandshu´s excistance, the powers of change was upon him and his people…
WS    BS    S    T    W    I    A    LD    Sv
5    5    3    3    2    5    2    10    –
Althulandshu is a legendary warlock to the people of Vaul’Ahrys Craftworld, who fell against the mighty deamon prince of tzeentch at the deamonic invasion of Belandhor. He always knows the Death Mission psychic power from Runes of Fate and may not roll on any other psychic tables.
Special Rules: Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, Fleet, Psyker; mastery lvl 1(2), Independant character.
Wargear:  Rune armor,  Spirit stone (psyker lvl +1), Rune of Vengeance, Shaoul’vrah and Khael’chu the twins of war.
Spirit Stone: A spirit stone is a powerfull gem which can be used to store warp charges, it increases the psykers mastery level by +1.
Runes of Vengeance: One use only. Deny the witch rolls may be taken.
Whenever suffering to an unsaved wound, Althulandshu can unleash the runes of vengeance upon any model who caused the wound. The model must pass a leadership test at 3D6 or suffer a single wound with no armor saves allowed. If the model has an armor value then instead treat its highest armor value as its Leadership characteristic in this case and then roll 3D6, if the result is equal to the value, suffer a glancing hit, if higher, then suffer a single automatic penetrating hit. In addition, in either of the cases, if the 3D6 test result equals three sixes, the model is victimised to being instant killed/wrecked and is removed from play immidiatly.
Shaoul’vrah and Khael’Chu the twins of war: Few are the individuals who claim to have knowlage about the so called ”twins of war”. Yet, to those who have heard the ancient tales, it is believed that the twins of war once belonged to two mighty eldar warrior brothers, twins, who fought in the ancient war against the Necrons. The first brother was said to have wrecked a whole legion of armored machines on the back of his flying steed, the seccond brother was said to have faced death himself in a duel and defeated him in a single blow. These ancient stories have been kept alive orally within certaint families for eons , told as either childhood sagas or mythical heirloom songs. However told, shrouded by the echoes of time, not fully understood and treated with much skepticism.
The twins of war is a set of two powerfull weapons. The first weapon is a singing spear which can pierce thrue solid megalithic blocks of wraithbone with a single throw. The seccond weapon is an immensly powerfull witchblade which sometimes display properties of ancient distortion-technology.
The twins of war are a set of weapons which, when combined confer +1 attack. You must specify which of the weapon(s) is/are hitting by allocating each weapon(s) with a number of attacks before any to hit rolls are made.
Shaoul’vrah is a master crafted singingspear with the following profile:
Range        S        AP        Type
18”        9        –        Assault 1, Fleshbane, Armorbane, Lance
–        User        –        Melee, Fleshbane, Armorbane
Kael’Chu is a master crafted witchblade with the following profile:
Range        S        AP        Type
–        User        –        Melee, Fleshbane, Armorbane, Distort



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