Vaul’Ahrys Strikes!


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Emerging from the dark shadows of the Imperial factories come the ghost giants, casting their own shadows upon any enemy unfortunate to come under their ghastly gaze. Led to battle by the Solitare Autarch who soar high amongst the rough buildings, spotting the entirety of the enemy forces, plotting an impuslive attack with his uncanny tactical supremacy. A few paces behind, the Windrider jetbikes throw up dust from the ground as their powerfull engines storm the streets, led at the forefront by a guiding Farseer who throws his psychic powers, bolstering the army as it makes its advance. At the front lines stand the Guardian Defenders, ready to unleash their bladestorm catapults to any foe who dares to encroach on the army´s position. Crackling with energy the Warpspiders warp jumps across the battlefield, littering it with their monofilament weapons. Cleverly making use of its excellent manouverability and speed the Wave Serpent darts between rooftops thwarting the enemy´s incoming hailstorm with its´ throbbing Serpent Shield and sheer speed. The Vyper Squadron opens fire with a scintilating display of awesome firepower. As the battle wages, the Swooping Hawks prepare to take to the Skies once more to deliver gift to the opposing army…

The Strength of Vaul’Ahrys is assembled.



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