WIP Autarch Conversion

2013-06-24 23.36.19 2013-06-24 23.36.33

Here are some pictures of my WIP Autarch on foot/jetbike. I have magnetized his headslot, the right arm and the torso so that I can equip him with different weapons or put him on a jetbike whenever I want to field him that way. I magnetised the head so that I could swap between autarch head and farseer so that I can decide if I want another Farseer on jetbike or Autarch. Like this post says, its all work in progress!

2013-06-24 23.36.53 2013-06-24 23.37.01

To the left of my WIP Autarch is the first Autarch finished, converted only slightly. His right arm is magnetized so weapon swaps are possible.

2013-06-24 23.37.22 2013-06-24 23.37.37 2013-06-24 23.37.46 2013-06-24 23.38.00 2013-06-24 23.38.35 2013-06-24 23.39.00

Wielding a firepike from the older 4th ed (not oldest) fire dragon Exarch which I will be using as a stylised fusion gun in my games.

2013-06-24 23.38.35 2013-06-24 23.40.36

This is when mounted on the jetbike. I´ve decided not to go crazy with convertions on the jetbike, I want it to look as simple as possible so that I can alter between both using it as an Autarch jetbike and a Farseer jetbike and possibly even a warlock jetbike.

2013-06-24 23.40.46 2013-06-24 23.39.00WIP Autarch Conversion



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