Video Batrep

Hello, I´ve got a 2250 points battle report for you all. It´s my first attempt at making a video battle report so I have to warn you that I lack experience in covering the events in this batrep, with that being said, I do still think that it is watchable. This battle was between my Eldar and my friend Matteh´s Chaos Space Marines! We played mission number 5 from the warhammer 40k rule book, which turned out to be ”The emperors will”. I did forget to mention the warlord traits, the Eldar Warlord trait was number 5 from the Eldar Codex (Warlord has splitfire special rule) and Chaos Space Marines got the ”When in your own deployement zone you have the counter attack special rule). We rolled for deployement map and got the Vanguard strike (Diagonal deployement).

So here is the batrep!



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