Story of Vaul’Ahrys Craftworld

And so it has been spoken by a many of our kinsmen, that, on the last day of great trepidation we turned away from our birthplace and set course for the undying darkness of infinity.
Belandhorï – So you see, child… Many thousands of years ago we escaped certaint doom…
Alestrannë – But still we stare into the void, our hearts filled with unease…
Belandhorï – Child, you ask questions you already know the answer to…
Alestrannë – Mother, we must leave what once was and become what we now are meant to be..
Belandhorï – And what is that, my child..?
Alestrannë – The children of the stars…
There were only few who realised in time, the doom before them as it came, praying on them whilst casting its sadistic shadow upon the entirety of the Eldar empire.  So they left…
Some, sickened by the violence
Some, disgusted by the ignorance
Some, who thirsted for ever crueller acts
And some, who were specifically warned
The escape
The craftworlds which survived fled to known safe locations, others strayed too far and some were caught in the horrifying implosion of chaos. Some craftworlds drifted naked of souls in between the stars, having their entire populations wiped out, some, having only a few dozen of men and women who could take the controll of the flying ships, living in the presence of shadows, cursed forever and eternally damned.
Vaul’ahrys… which it would later be named, had been spared. The population drifted safely away on their star city, into the void of voids… entering the outer lightyears of the galaxy. It was now the time for a great unfolding, a vision, let be played upon a seer of the craftworld which would forever change the future of this individual.
The unchained ghost
Amongst thousands of weeping souls and beaten minds there was one which had found temporal serenity… Belandhorï, a female seer was suddently drawn out of her deep meditation. She could hear a loud smashing and roar and a voice which shattered the silence in between each smash. It was the ghost of a god, Vaul. The seer watched the vision play out. Vaul held up his chains to fend off the attacks of the new entity and in the final moments as he was being held in the claws of the thirsty newly born Chaos god, he uttered something and as he did, chaos destroyed him, eating his soul. As he was destroyed, the chains flickered in gold and light spread out from them as they fell from the heavens, as the vision kept going, Belandhorï witnessed how the chains entered the material planes and saw them explode with light just as each link took off in different directions.
The great interpretation
Many Eldar of the craftworld did not acknowlage the importance of the vision, some afraid that it might have played out, only, acting as another clever attempt by Slaanesh to bait more Eldar souls. There were much debate and great sorrow still weighted the bodies of the Eldar. Some minds, damaged untill the very day they lay on their deathbeds and some so instilled with fear that they refused to ever speak again. The craftworld beginning to divide its population into smaller communities, it was time to turn back to the galaxy. It was in these times that many took away from the craftworld, seeking the harmony of untouched worlds in hope that their souls and minds could finaly reach a state of quiescent.
The forming of an order
With a substantial number to their craftworld despite the abandonement of a thousand Eldar, the world of Vaul-Ahrys emerged. The collective had a perfectly mixed skillset which enabled them to establish a powerfull new order amongst the stars, a city of gleaming towers and wonderfull gemstones and a massive undertaking, was the creation of a webway assembly, a gateway that perhaps could re-connect them and tell them more as to how widespread the destruction of their kin had become. Many thousands of years passed and the craftworld grew stronger and had uncovered many of its peoples questions. Yes, the end times were upon the people of the Eldar. They had established contact with many craftworlds thruout the galaxy, helping their brethren kin in many undertakings to ensure that their continued existance could be prolonged. It was a time that would be remembered to the people of Vaul’Ahrys, which they now had named themselves and their Craftworld, as ”the time of hold”.
Craftworld Vaul’Ahrys
Vaul’Ahrys means ”Vaul’Unchained” and the people of it claims belief that when Vaul was destroyed by Slaanesh at the time of the Eldar fall, he reached out in a vision to one of their craftworlders, where he depicted his chains being shattered and cast out from the heavens and away from the hell which took its place. The links of his chains are said to exist somewhere in the galaxy. The Eldar of Vaul’Ahrys speak of these not as relics, but that of a final weapon of Vaul.
In battle, the craftworld employs many vehicles of vaul, but also a lot of wraith constructs. This is thought to derive from the so called chain analogy, where in one moment the one who is chained is slow and deliberate, for he must over come them- And once the chains have been broken, the wrath of he who was chained shall come rampaging forward with unrelenting speed.
The craftworld puts a lot of trust to their Autarchs who are famed for their warrior mentality and aggression which is thought to be rooted in a ritual where they mask themselves with the anger of Khaine, as he fought in the final battle against slaanesh. Soaring on jetbikes with powerful laser lances and arcane wargear, playing out the importance of speed at the final peak of the shattered chain analogy, lest they face the same fate as Khaine and Vaul.


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