Painting progress

– This is an edit, I thought I´d give you the story of my craftworld as a ”listen to” video whilst you look at the pics. Here is the vid of me reading with a ”ghost helm” on lmao.

(Click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the video, and then click on the tab ”more” – opens video in another window!)

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So far, the base colours on the wraithblades have been painted, only one of them have been highlighted in two areas; the head and the wraithvanes. I have to go back and clean up some models where I painted outside of intended area. The wraithlord has been highlighted in the purple areas with a coupple of thin layers, as well as his wraithvanes (highlighted only once with a thin layer). The head of the wraithlord is done, although it appears I have scratched the surface so there is a black dot on him, which I will have to do something about. Also the blue areas have been highlighted in a few thin layers, and some edge highlights as well. The sword has been painted in warplock bronze and I wanted to create the errosion effect to give it that ancient feel. Lots of work to be done to the WL still!

The Autarch is comming together really nicely. I wanted to give him a unique feel within the army as he will be the only one carrying the mantle of the laughing god. The idea being that he carries the entire palette of the craftworlds colours and takes on the role of almost a harlequin solitare. So I wanted to give him some extra bit of time and dedicate some more details to him. There are some gems which needs to be painted, the arms, the ”phoenix gem” which I first painted red but I changed my mind and I´ve decided to go for a full pink heart instead. The forceshield on him is painted in gold, which I have mixed feelings about. I might change it around once the rest of the model is ”complete”.

The wraithblades will have their forceshields and axes slightly corroded/erroded as well, just to give that ancient feel.

The whole idea with this craftworld from the beginning was to have a mixed army of wraith units and fast units, as they both have different aestetics and I think it really makes the army interesting to look at when fielded. When it comes to playing a mixed army competitively it can be a bit tricky but I have found some good strategies, mostly relying on using units in a very specific and comitted way. I really enjoy playing the army composition as it is both challanging and rewarding (when done properly!)

Anyways, more to come, in the weekend I´m gonna start layering down the colour scheme on my WRAITHKNIGHT!

Helllsssss yess…..



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