Call the reinforcement!

Today I will be travelling into stockholm central to go to gamesworkshop stockholm in order to pick up some new models! The units I have in mind are three warwalkers and a squad of wraithguard/blades. If there shouldn´t be enough warwalkers to pick up, I´ll instead buy some support weapon batteries, and in case I cannot get my hands on three of them, I´ll end up buying another waveserpent and some more jetbikes instead. I´ve soon met my threshold for my Eldar army. Soon I will have painted the entire army and have enough units to change up my lists. Perhaps, time has soon come for me to start a new collection. Or perhaps, I should just get more involved into the meta game and visit some local gaming clubs a bit more frequently. I will see what the future holds for me. Anyways, today will be a great day! I´ve been basically financially ruined these last summer months and early autumn months… feels great to finally break out from the ”depression” so to speak 😛



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