A look back at 2013!

So first off I want to say that I do hope everyone had a great time in their christmas and new years celebrations and I hope that everyone is as excited about the new year as I am. So it´s already 2014! When I look back at 2013, I really ask my self how that year could have passed so quickly? I had a great time meeting new people and playing games of WH40k as well as getting more and more involved in the hobby as a whole. I want to say my thanks to a coupple of people around the world which has really led me towards the light in this hobby. I want to start with MWG – You guys are awesome! I think I would have never made my way back into the hobby without all of your videos on your youtube channel! Allways great and humouristic to watch and rich with that friendly atmosphere surrounding your time in the hobby. A big thank you is in place for helping me get back on the road of sickly sweet awesomeness! I also want to thank EldarCorsair and his youtube channel for getting me 100% motivated to get back to my Eldar, thanks EC! Another person that has given me motivation to keep rocking the Eldar and just the WH40k game is ofcourse, Fritz, thank you big time for providing an awesome channel with lots of insightfull perspectives on how to play out each step in this mindgame we call WH40k. As if that wasn´t enough, Fritz also started up a whole new community site called ”thewarmaster.com” which is an awesome forum and community that all of you guys have to check out! I also want to thank everyone on thewarmaster.com forum, especially the people in the Eldar section for a great year of discussion in 2013! And finally, I would like to give a special thank you to IDICBeer and his youtube channel for really encouraging me to complete my projects and just generally being an awesome guy. You my friend have really brought the community of wargamers on youtube together and made me and probably hundreds of more visualize how much fun it is to share content with other people who are involved in this hobby, thank you for a great year man! I look back at 2013 with a big smile in my soul and I´m eager for what 2014 will bring!



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