IDICBeer´s january painting challenge participation!

So I´m in the middle of a painting challenge that was started by Nick Beer, aka IDICBeer on youtube. So now I´m asking all readers (if there are any lmao) to join in before it´s too late! We´re already two weeks into this challange now but we´ve still got plenty of time to finish our projects.

Below this you can find Nick´s blog & youtube channel:

You should definately check his blog and yt channel out, he´s got some amazing stuff in there! I also hope you´ll throw yourself into this challenge before it is too late!

Allright! So my response to this challenge was to participate with painting up some warwalkers (x3). Ofcourse I will be painting them up in vaul’ahrys craftworld colours. The project is about 50% finished by now. I´ve got some small highlights left, I´ve got to paint up the drivers/operators and I´ve got some fine details to work on (gemstones, stripes, etc.)

You´ll find all my work on my youtube channel down below:

(Starting from video #2 – do not bother with video #1 – it is too long, and the audio is horrible!!!)










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