Laptop Back Online

So it´s been months, hell… even years now since I made a blog post on here. Sadly my one and only laptop decided to die on me, both hardware wise and software wise. But nothing impossible to deal with. After a complete year of rejection I finally handed my laptop over to a buddy of mine who is quite the ”fix it felix” type and he managed to loosen all the screws and dissassemble the whole machine. He even managed to solder the disconnected powerjack back to its original state (well… it did the job at least).


So after many hours of waiting for the OS to get back into its ”normal” state (after a coupple of freezeups and BSODS) I could finally make my way back thrue the webway… um I mean the internet.. tracing back the steps I took months weeks and days ago. Happy to see some familiar sites in my favorite lists and on my fast menue I decided to dust this blog off and write down this exact story for you all!

It has been a long vaccation. But I am finally back! (At least untill I spill all of my cover over it and its all ruined yet again but in a more flavourable fashion…).

So what has happened since last? Well, sad to say but I have actually stopped playing 40k. I still have my models and I still make the occasional video and terrain piece but there hasn´t been opportunities to play for me since my friend (my only friend who played this with me) decided to put it all aside.


So now I only make the occasional update on YT.


The three warwalkers destroyed me but after more than a full year past the competition I managed to complete the squadron. (A very happy bladesteel).



So maybe just maybe… this time I will get my shit together and complete my other old bigger projects. Just maybe…


Untill next time…

Take care





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