So… first some quick information about me!

My real name is Jonas, I´m 27 and live in Stockholm Sweden. I recently decided that I was coming back to warhammer 40k. and I absolutely love that decision!

Short fact! 

Why bladesteel? My Swedish surname is Klingstål, which when directly translated into english becomes: bladesteel!

What is this blog all about? Good question. At first when I created it, I just wanted to share some of my time in the hobby with anybody willing to take a look. My personal hopes for this blog, are that people recognise this blog as one of these blogs, where they can always come back to find interesting material.

Right now, that material is surrounding my Eldar and their re-entry into the 40k hobby. Right now I have a lot of miniatures that are undergoing assembly, conversion work, paint jobs. I´ve always loved the Eldar, ever since I first got into the hobby back in 4th edition when I was just 11 years old. I have high ambitions when it comes to my custom craftworld vaul’ahrys and I will publish a lot of stuff on that subject. You should expect to read page after page of background stories, homebrewn characters, homebrewn scenarios and also see a finished Eldar force, converted and painted up in that craftworld.

So, continuously expect yourself to find the following published here on bladesteel.wordpress.com

  • Everything Eldar, conversions, army lists, homebrewn scenarios, homebrewn characters and minuature showcase, custom craftworld history, terrain builds, gaming boards, battle reports, fictional stories, and much much more…

This year has barely started and I´m already busy with projects that I will post shortly and I hope you´ll find it worth to pay my blog a visit every now and then to check them out.

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Don´t forget to PM me if you do join, I go under the name bladesteel,  to no suprise!

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