Paint a Ranger day

Decided I was going to paint up a group of rangers over the next couple of days as I was triggered to do so because of a recent eldar forum topic over at the where we on the forum discuss using a list that includes 30 harlequins and 4 groups of 5 rangers for troops. This is the first ranger that I have painted up so far! 🙂



2013-09-26 00.03.37 2013-09-26 00.03.47 2013-09-26 00.05.12 2013-09-26 00.05.27 2013-09-26 00.05.42


Painting progress

– This is an edit, I thought I´d give you the story of my craftworld as a ”listen to” video whilst you look at the pics. Here is the vid of me reading with a ”ghost helm” on lmao.

(Click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the video, and then click on the tab ”more” – opens video in another window!)

2013-09-14 01.41.37 2013-09-14 01.41.11 2013-09-14 01.41.01 2013-09-14 01.40.34 2013-09-14 00.56.26 2013-09-14 00.58.32 2013-09-14 01.17.28 2013-09-14 01.18.35 2013-09-14 01.20.08 2013-09-14 01.22.04 2013-09-14 01.22.12 2013-09-14 00.55.16 2013-09-14 00.54.03 2013-09-14 00.52.21 2013-09-14 00.40.10 2013-09-14 00.37.06 2013-09-14 00.36.52 2013-09-14 00.36.35 2013-09-14 00.32.03 2013-09-14 00.30.22 2013-09-14 00.29.59 2013-09-14 00.29.13 2013-09-14 01.41.37 2013-09-14 01.41.11 2013-09-14 00.42.18 2013-09-14 00.43.33 2013-09-14 00.43.48 2013-09-14 00.51.36 2013-09-14 00.52.21 2013-09-14 00.54.03 2013-09-14 00.55.16 2013-09-14 00.56.26 2013-09-14 00.58.32 2013-09-14 00.59.11 2013-09-14 00.59.18 2013-09-14 01.03.58 2013-09-14 01.05.39 2013-09-14 01.06.41 2013-09-14 01.16.46 2013-09-14 01.17.06 2013-09-14 01.17.28 2013-09-14 01.18.35 2013-09-14 01.20.08 2013-09-14 01.22.04 2013-09-14 01.22.12 2013-09-14 01.22.56 2013-09-14 01.23.30 2013-09-14 01.23.50 2013-09-14 01.23.59 2013-09-14 01.24.06 2013-09-14 01.24.15 2013-09-14 01.24.40 2013-09-14 01.40.34 2013-09-14 01.41.01Painting progress

So far, the base colours on the wraithblades have been painted, only one of them have been highlighted in two areas; the head and the wraithvanes. I have to go back and clean up some models where I painted outside of intended area. The wraithlord has been highlighted in the purple areas with a coupple of thin layers, as well as his wraithvanes (highlighted only once with a thin layer). The head of the wraithlord is done, although it appears I have scratched the surface so there is a black dot on him, which I will have to do something about. Also the blue areas have been highlighted in a few thin layers, and some edge highlights as well. The sword has been painted in warplock bronze and I wanted to create the errosion effect to give it that ancient feel. Lots of work to be done to the WL still!

The Autarch is comming together really nicely. I wanted to give him a unique feel within the army as he will be the only one carrying the mantle of the laughing god. The idea being that he carries the entire palette of the craftworlds colours and takes on the role of almost a harlequin solitare. So I wanted to give him some extra bit of time and dedicate some more details to him. There are some gems which needs to be painted, the arms, the ”phoenix gem” which I first painted red but I changed my mind and I´ve decided to go for a full pink heart instead. The forceshield on him is painted in gold, which I have mixed feelings about. I might change it around once the rest of the model is ”complete”.

The wraithblades will have their forceshields and axes slightly corroded/erroded as well, just to give that ancient feel.

The whole idea with this craftworld from the beginning was to have a mixed army of wraith units and fast units, as they both have different aestetics and I think it really makes the army interesting to look at when fielded. When it comes to playing a mixed army competitively it can be a bit tricky but I have found some good strategies, mostly relying on using units in a very specific and comitted way. I really enjoy playing the army composition as it is both challanging and rewarding (when done properly!)

Anyways, more to come, in the weekend I´m gonna start layering down the colour scheme on my WRAITHKNIGHT!

Helllsssss yess…..

WIP Autarch Conversion

2013-06-24 23.36.19 2013-06-24 23.36.33

Here are some pictures of my WIP Autarch on foot/jetbike. I have magnetized his headslot, the right arm and the torso so that I can equip him with different weapons or put him on a jetbike whenever I want to field him that way. I magnetised the head so that I could swap between autarch head and farseer so that I can decide if I want another Farseer on jetbike or Autarch. Like this post says, its all work in progress!

2013-06-24 23.36.53 2013-06-24 23.37.01

To the left of my WIP Autarch is the first Autarch finished, converted only slightly. His right arm is magnetized so weapon swaps are possible.

2013-06-24 23.37.22 2013-06-24 23.37.37 2013-06-24 23.37.46 2013-06-24 23.38.00 2013-06-24 23.38.35 2013-06-24 23.39.00

Wielding a firepike from the older 4th ed (not oldest) fire dragon Exarch which I will be using as a stylised fusion gun in my games.

2013-06-24 23.38.35 2013-06-24 23.40.36

This is when mounted on the jetbike. I´ve decided not to go crazy with convertions on the jetbike, I want it to look as simple as possible so that I can alter between both using it as an Autarch jetbike and a Farseer jetbike and possibly even a warlock jetbike.

2013-06-24 23.40.46 2013-06-24 23.39.00WIP Autarch Conversion

Basing my flyer

2013-07-12 14.44.05 2013-07-12 14.44.20Basing my flyer

I have begun to work at my flyers base, I had it base coated yesterday and it wont take long before it is finished. Right now theres not time for me to sit down longer than to just update my blog. The idea of the base is to depict a high mountain peak surrounded by clouds. I will glue on some more cotton wool at the very base of the mountain once it has been completely painted. The flyer stand connects with a transparant rod of some kind, (I actually have no idea what it used to be a part of) and it is at the base of the flying stand that I have also decided to ”hide” it with some clouds. The aircraft then sits at the top of the stand as usual. I think it turned out really well! The whole base itself is very stable. My only worries are that it will be complicated to transport the base.

Warpspider Exarch – Spinneret Rifle

2013-07-09 02.59.372013-07-09 02.58.092013-07-09 02.59.022013-07-09 02.59.47Warpspider Exarch - Spinneret Rifle

I decided that I wanted to try out and convert myself a Spinneret Rifle which is a weapon upgrade you could give your Warpspider Exarch, as there is no model for the actual gun.

So here is —> how <— I made the conversion!

I took a left over weapon from the new wraithguard kit, the d-scythe. I then cut off the wraithguards arms, hands, the triggering mechanism and any fingers still grasping the rifle.I made a carefull cutout between the connections of the wraithguards arm – to – power cord/hose which connected with the weapon, trying to preserve this for later connections. I then cut away the mussle of the gun, the big flask underneath and the smaller gun component at the very back end of the rifle. Then I grabbed the twin linked deathspinner, which your regular warpspider exarch carries, and cut off its mussle. I then took a further look at the wraithguard sprue and decided to grab the d-scythes mussle-components (well, the vanes or hooks connecting at nearly the d-scythes mussle) and I decided to cut one in smaller bits, using them as additional vanes on the cut off death spinner later on. With all of the bits collected on the main rifle, it was now time to look for a fitting arm. I realised that the weapon had to be held upwards, since I had made the cut on the right arm that way. I took a closer look at a regular guardian arm with a shuriken catapult and realised that it would fit perfectly for carrying my mixed and mashed Spinneret rifle. I took a closer look and decided to cut away the upper half of the guardian catapult arm. I then, carefully, cut away the gun (but trying to keep the triggering hand and mechanism intact) and made some small trimming work, testing how it would connect with the back end of the spinneret rifle, and trimming it for a perfect flat contact. I also cut away the power cord/hose which connected with the guardian arm and the shuriken catapult. I then began gluing everything together, starting with gluing the mussle of the deathspinner onto the tip of the D-scythe. Now adding the vanes/hooks onto the tip of the deathspinner, trying to position them to match them accordingly on each side. I then glued the whole rifle to the hand of the guardian (pushing it into the small space where I had cut off the previous triggering mechanism, making a new, better scale looking trigger and hand). I then took the first power cord/hose which connected via the wraithguards arm. I took a look at where the guardian power cord connected and, with a little bit of scooping, I managed to fit the bigger power cord into the guardian arm and I then glued on the cord, underneath the rifle where the big flask had been chopped off. I then looked around for another appropriate arm in my bits box and chooof! There you have it, the spinneret rifle conversion, ”Bladesteel style”!